We have machines which have the capability of wide range of cutting and machining of parts with different geometries in the Machining Shop launched in 2010 with new investments. Thus, the product is ensured to be manufactured accurately and cost-effective from first step to the end. In addition to cutting saws and machining centers, it has been ensured to improve the machining experience with product-specified machines produced within the capabilities of ONAT Aluminum.

Ever-growing machining shop area was moved to the new Dilovası Plant in 2018 for the purpose of enlarging the capacity and capabilities. Machining shop has been expanded almost twice as a result of these investments and new machines. Thus, machining capacity has been increased and ONAT Aluminum has added its machining capabilities to its main competencies extrusion process as well.

The Machinery Park is listed below. We ensure the production and machining of the parts which have different dimensions and geometries with the best tolerances. In addition, the controls in accordance with customer requirements are carried out in the fastest and most effective manner in The Control Area within The Machining Plant.

The Machinery Park;

  • Cutting Machines with Different Specifications
  • Double Head/Angular Cutting Saws
  • Tapping Centers with Double Table
  • Vertical Machining Centers with Double Table
  • CNC Lathes
  • Profile Machining Machine
  • Tube End Finishing Machines
  • Transfer Machine
  • Degreasing and Deburring Machines
  • Chemical Degreasing Machine
  • ONAT Made Special Machines
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