Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment


Aluminum and aluminum alloys are heat treatable materials. The heat treatment and its parameters are also important in order to obtain the desired final mechanical properties. Believing in the importance of this necessity, our company has 3 heat treatment furnaces.

The first one is the homogenization heat treatment which is applied to ensure the billet raw materials, which are casted in our company, to be adequate for the extrusion process. In this process, the casted billet structure is homogenized by keeping at the specified temperatures and times. Subsequently the billets are transferred to extrusion line.

The second one is the Solution Heat Treatment furnace. This treatment can be applied to aluminum profiles and sawed parts. Expected mechanical properties are provided by subsequent artificial aging process.

The third heat treatment process is Artificial Aging. The precipitation hardening of the materials and thus the mechanical properties are increased with this process. The aging process is applied to the extruded profiles in the 6 ton capacity artificial aging furnace according to the instruction.

Many heat treatment processes, especially T4 and T6, can be applied to various aluminum alloys within the company. Thermocouples are replaced at specific points in order to control the furnaces.

Because of temperature difference between furnace and material, aluminum samples are fixed to these thermocouples in order detect the material temperature accurately. In this way, the furnace PLC system controls the heating-cooling practice according to the given set values ​​and program.

Each heat treatment process was prescribed for each aluminum regarding the alloy and furnace working principles. Those prescriptions are integrated to system with PLC control. Hereby, expected process can be performed under control in accordance with the program. Besides,  each thermocouple graph can be taken from the system after  heat treatment process and thus analysis and tracking of the program can be performed.

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