Gebze Plant Laboratory​


Our company especially focuses on the production of high-strength and special aluminum alloys of 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series aluminum alloys. In this context, we have equipped laboratories with wide facilities to be used for R&D studies within this scope. In our laboratories, which has close to many university laboratories, there are examination, analysis, measurement and testing devices which almost have the capabilities of a university.


Analysis Group Instruments;

Metallographic Sample Preparation Group:

  • Devices used used for the purpose of metallographic sample inspection, sanding and polishing devices. In addition, there is an electrolytic etching device used for grain structure measurement.

Metallographic Analysis Group:

  • Macro and optical microscope set and integrated measurement analysis program for the most accurate analysis of the internal structure of aluminum materials.

Optical Spectrometric Analyzer:

  • To determine the alloying elements and percentages contained in the material.


Measurement and Test Group Devices;

2D Profile Measuring Device:

  • Measurement device used for measuring all dimensions and comparing them with the technical data during serial production. By means of scanning.

Compression-Tensile Testing Equipment:

  • Zwick 250 kN Compression-Tensile test device and Instron 5kN Tensile test device besides the other Compression test device used for analysing the load applied on the part during working conditions.

Macro and Micro Hardness Test Devices:

  • Hardness test devices used for inspecting the strength of materials at the macro and micro levels after production and heat treatment.

Electrical Conductivity Meter:

  • Device for measuring the electrical conductivity of the materials.

Ultrasonic Control Device:

  • Device that checks the cracks and cavities in the material.

Our company aims to make high quality and reliable production with this infrastructure. We also aim continuous improvement and better production with ongoing projects carried out with national and international R&D projects.

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