Extrusion Line

Extrusion Line

Extrusion presses are suposed to be the leading line for our company. Billets that have been adequately homogenized after casting come to this line for the purpose of profile production. We have four extrusion lines: 2 x 5” (127mm diameter/1.000 tons), 6” (152mm diameter/1.250 tons) and 10” (254mm diameter/2.750 tons) . Solid and hollow pipe (stitched pipe) can be produced in many grift and complex profiles with these presses. Necessary mechanical properteis are obtained by adequate cooling system applied at the press output in production. Besides, final mechanical properties are achieved by aging heat treatment applied  after the extrusion process.

We use multiple control systems to ensure product dimensions, quality and mechanical properties at the desired level in extrusion lines. By this system, before each serial production a safe production is  started by controlling and recording all the parameters like barrel temperature, profile exit temperature, blasting pressure, extrusion time and down time affecting the quality and mechanical properties of the billet before each serial production. The form is prepared and recorded for each profile according to the characteristics requested by the customer. Furthermore, the required measurements are kept in control with the process controls done by the Quality Department.

As a company believing in the significance of efficiency as well as quality, we use a different system for monitoring and analysis of press down times. The down times are indicated in this system. The problem is defined, responded if necessary. Thus, we operate the process safely with this system.

After the press production is completed, adequate  and inadequate profile lengths are determined by the inspections on the aluminum profile. These lengths are then standardized for each product. Extrusion production is operated with experienced staff and controlled process steps.

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