Dilovası Plant Laboratory


Our company  focuses on the production and production of 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series aluminum alloys, especially high strength and special aluminum alloys. It has also concentrated its experience infrastructure on this. In this context, it has a laboratory with extensive facilities to be used in R&D studies. In our laboratory, which has device parks close to many university laboratories, there are devices used for examination, analysis, measurement and testing.


Measurement and Test Group Devices;

3D Measuring Device:

It is also made with 3D coordinate measuring systems (CMM – Coordinate Measuring Machine) and 3D scanners. Point cloud data is obtained by scanning the part with scanning systems. After the obtained point cloud data is overlapped with various methods (Best-fit, RPS, 3-2-1 etc.), the differences between it and the nominal data are examined.

Profile Projector:

Measuring device used to examine the conformity of material dimensions to technical drawings and tolerances.

Surface Roughness Meter:

Surface roughness measuring device used to determine the surface quality of the material after production.
Our company aims to produce reliable and high quality products with this infrastructure. Our company aims at continuous improvement and better production with its continuous national and international R&D projects.

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