About Us

About Us

ONAT was founded in 1993 as a private, family owned company in the Alemdağ District of Istanbul for the production of aluminum profiles. The two brothers, Hasan Ayhan and Hüseyin Orhan Çeliker ended their extrusion presses construction company with a final 750 ton press to create and start up their new enterprise for the production of aluminum profiles. In 1997, with the elder brother Tanju Çeliker, who has a doctorate from the University of RWTH Aachen-Germany, joining his brothers in the business, the company reached its current shareholdership. The brothers greatly benefitted from the experience and knowledge of their father, Muharrem Çeliker, who was a well-known industry representative and an important asset to their business.  Today the three brothers are proud to dedicate the significant growth and development of ONAT to the honor of their father.

In 2004, the company moved to its current location in Gebze / Kocaeli, 75 km from Istanbul. Today ONAT has four extrusion lines (2 x 1.000 (5”), 1.250 (6”) and 2.750 ton (10”)) with a total production capacity of 9.000 tons of aluminum profiles per year.

Continuous and stable development has been achieved through the integration of innovations and new technologies as a result of R&D projects in the production chains. The company’s vision focuses on products with higher added value that are given priority in the product portfolio, production at world-class quality and productivity, as well as selective international business expansions.

ONAT’s main goal is to become and remain an important and reliable partner in its business lines for its target customers. In order to achieve this goal, the company relies on its critical competencies and strengths that are;

  • Metallurgy and tool manufacturing processes supported by simulation softwares and structural analysis
  • Foundry for the production of raw materials (billet) of high-strength aluminum alloys
  • Heat treatment plant for high strength aluminum alloys parts
  • Materials testing and measuring laboratory to support R&D works, alloy development and parts production with the highest quality standards
  • Moulding/Tool Shop for the development and production of extrusion tools, special devices for machining processes and machines
  • Hardware and software for production monitoring, tracking, analysis and management
  • Investment in Romania in a manufacturing plant to increase international business reach (ALPROF S.A., founded in 2000, 50% partnership)
  • Establishment of a new factory for machining production and cold forming processes for the production of automotive parts with higher added value from aluminum profiles (Dilovası, founded in 2010). The machine park consists of transfer machines for the cut parts, CNC sawing and turning machines as well as machining centers. Hydraulic presses and special machines are also utilized at this plant.
  • Quality (ISO 9001, IATF 16949), Environment (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) certificates
  • Experienced and well-trained workforce of over 250
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