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As ONAT Alüminyum, we offer all services from aluminum profile production to processing without sacrificing precision and quality.

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ONAT Alüminyum

ONAT was founded in 1993 as a private, family owned company in the Alemdağ District of Istanbul for the production of aluminum profiles. The two brothers, Hasan Ayhan and Hüseyin Orhan Çeliker ended their extrusion presses construction company with a final 750 ton press to create and start up their new enterprise for the production of aluminum profiles. In 1997, with the elder brother Tanju Çeliker, who has a doctorate from the University of RWTH Aachen-Germany, joining his brothers in the business, the company reached its current shareholdership. The brothers greatly benefitted from the experience and knowledge of their father, Muharrem Çeliker, who was a well-known industry representative and an important asset to their business.  Today the three brothers are proud to dedicate the significant growth and development of ONAT to the honor of their father.

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Our Production Facilities Directing the Sector

ONAT Alüminyum San. Tic. A.Ş. has drawn an investment-oriented company profile since 1993 without sacrificing quality.

Gebze Plant

Moulding / Tool Shop

Approximately 600 pcs/year of extrusion dies are produced in our tool shop located in Gebze Plant.


Existing foundry has a 600 kg capacity gas melting pot.

Extrusion Line

Extrusion presses are suposed to be the leading line for our company.

Heat Treatment

Each heat treatment process was prescribed for each aluminum regarding the alloy and furnace working principles. Those prescriptions are integrated to system with PLC control.

Dilovası Plant


We have machines which have the capability of wide range of cutting and machining of parts with different geometries.

Cold Forming

We started cold forming activities in 2012 in order to increase our process capabilities and to manufacture 3D parts.

Machinery & Fixture Production

Machine Design and Development Department was founded in 2014 in order to meet customer demands and to ensure quality production.

ONAT Alüminyum R&D

Both states and private companies that attach importance to R&D  in the world differentiate their competitors and get ahead of them. ONAT Alüminyum reserves 10% of its annual turnover for R&D.

Our Projects
The projects that realize life are University-collaborative San-Tez studies, European Union projects, TUBITAK and TEYDEB projects.
Our Works
In addition to domestic and foreign partnered projects carried out within the scope of our Research and Development Department, there are also studies carried out within the company with its own resources.
Our Laboratories
In our laboratory, which has device parks close to many university laboratories, there are devices used for examination, analysis, measurement and testing.

ONAT Alüminyum in the Sector

We serve with our work focused on full customer satisfaction in all processes from production to delivery.




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